Our Studio

Our Story

After taking part in a breath work and ice bath course many years ago we started taking cold showers and swimming in de Nieuwe Meer or the IJ during winter. We really enjoyed the feeling it gave us and noticed the health benefits it had on us. During the summer we we would always fill someones bath with ice cubes, bought at the supermarket, as the showers and lakes weren’t cold enough.

Annoyed by the fact that this took too much effort and cost too much to do every time we started thinking about opening a place for people with the same problem. Our idea was to open a place where people could enjoy a quick cold plunge, easily accessible and affordable. A month later we opened Hima Icebaths.

Our Mission

At Hima Icebaths we try to provide a place where you can enjoy your ice bath in a tranquil environment, aiming to make it easily accessible and affordable. We enjoy helping and guiding everyone through the process of a cold plunge. We are convinced of the benefits it has on our physical and mental wellbeing and love to share this opportunity with as many as possible. Come by for a coffee if you have any questions.

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