Book your ice bath and sauna and get the full benefits from your time at our studio.

If you only want to book an ice bath, you can book a 10 minute time slot for your ice bath. Want to get the full benefits from your ice bath? Add a sauna to your cold plunge for contrast therapy. Contrast therapy helps with lymphatic circulation, speeds recovery and boosts immune function. It can also help with the reduction of joint and muscle pain, inflammation, headaches, menstrual cramps and can be a relief for stress and anxiety.

In 20 minutes you can get in one sauna session and one cold plunge. If you want to relax and take your time, we recommend booking 60 minutes.

Please be aware that there is space for two people at the same time. So if you book for one person there is the possibility that you share the sauna with someone else. 

Planning on coming more often? Check out our prepaid packages to get a discount when you book your ice bath and sauna sessions.

Looking for a gift voucher? Check out our gift vouchers here.

After you book your ice bath and sauna, check out our different options below.

Willem Gitz in the cold plunge at Hima Icebaths Amsterdam


4 degrees

Both our bath and barrel are the same temperature. The bath is pretty big and therefore recommended for taller people.

Made in the Netherlands by Icetubs.

Zonne Perez Raya in the cold plunge barrel at Hima Icebaths Amsterdam


4 degrees

If you prefer to sit down you can use the barrel. It is a bit smaller than the bath and therefore recommended for shorter people. Either way, see which one you like or try both!

Made in the Netherlands by Icetubs.

Finnish sauna at Hima Icebaths Amsterdam


Over 100 degrees

At Hima we have a Finnish sauna. It can fit 2-4 people and can get up to over 100 degrees celcius! You can use the sauna before or after your ice bath. See what you like and what feels best for you. Either way, you’ll feel great after.